Because of the particular reflexive nature of the Threads, and the subsequent world which they describe and create, wise readers carefully consider their sequencing of Threads in order to maximise their enjoyment of the unfolding journey. Pulling at a later or wide-ranging Thread will unspool the narrative world prematurely; that is, you may experience “spoilers”.

Passwords for protected posts are revealed in the Description in Sqale cards. This enables writers to post sequences for discrete readerships. Updates for all narrative threads are notified in a single Textango Newsletter, or check Sqale cards regularly until edit notification is implemented.

URB Major Threads

  • Purple ThreadI : i — The Book of Celeste, Princess-Elect to the Pharohim. The story of how Celeste makes a rash decision to spite a Major Royal House, and ends up endangering herself and the future of her people.
  • Frayed Thread0 — Adventure to Everdark. A motley troop of adventuring freebooters pass through Coach House on their way to Valley of The Dead where they inadvertently trigger an unforseen series of events with global consequences.
  • Blue Threads I : i — Lessons in Garsu & Mathix. How can the mathix of garsu manipulation be learned? Who can learn? What is the range of their application?
  • Blue Circle BindingLate I:iii Major Spoilers — Exarch Kirsus of the Meherim conducts a review of current geopolitics by reflecting in the newly discovered Crystal Lake. Will the newly constituted Necron counter the rise of the Orx? Will Fa’ang be the first to militarise golem? Can the Meherim evolve against the disruptive backdrop of internecine politics? What of the Onen and Machus?

Other Threads

  • Table TalkSeed Crystal Contest — A man and a woman find themselves around a breakfast table before they part abruptly. Continue.