1 Namu

The mind of the Namu is unlike ours. It is fractured into millions of pieces. The structural density of each piece can easily lead to collapse. The discreteness of its internal and external boundaries necessitate reinforcement by social cohesion, a poor proxy to spiritual union. Their reliance on inter-subjective communication has weakened what little cohesion they are inherently capable of supporting.

In light of this, I suggest the utmost care in our approach. Our presence has triggered shears in individual psychologies in the past. Those lucky enough to survive such episodes as well as find their state embraced within a local social matrix have led to unfortunate regid or religious structures which persist beyond their time. We must avoid this if we are to achieve our goal.

 I would suggest we only attend in low intensity until we locate suitable personages and small groups who are capable of appreciating an intervention. Depending on the dispersal pattern of these constellations of individuals in cultural form and societal structure, can we ascertain the exact power of the entire network of couplings and derive a coherent strategy of intervention. 

Our objective is to raise to a level of awareness that enables a sustainable social cohesion so that first and foremost their impact upon the natural world is lessened, and second they are ready for engagement with our kind. Mistakes will be made, and particularly gifted and receptive individuals will inevitably begin the slow process of appreciating our nature, but it would be foolish to necessitate their understanding of us to achieve their social cohesion.

Let us fully concord that our immanent action of observation is necessary due to the accumulation of malign agencies which now threaten to enshroud their world. Should that happen to the Namu, then we shall be next. What’s more, owing to the discovery of garsu and their subsequent complexification of what they call mathix, the Namu themselves are nearing the minimal threshold to intentionally produce autonomous language machines. As a consequence, social agents will inevitably emerge. Their’s is a brute force approach, with little guile or refinement, as crude as their first discovery of fire, and to their current state of mind, destructively addictive. Their destructive practices amongst themselves bleed into the environment accelerating its deterioration which will inevitably threaten our own health. And despite the adherence to creating a super-conscious being by the collective known as the Meherim, they will not survive its sui generis. In all likelihood, neither will we.

It is therefore with the greatest respect that we ensure that we retain low intensity, spreading ourselves thinly over the ground. Assemble lightly, aggregate in intensity less than seven. We must spread as widely as possible, which necessitates only brief periods of observation, just enough to ascertain individual psychological intentions, and deriving the barest delta of their social cohesion to project feasible future integration. Only by casting a wide net can we then progressively explore select individual constellations with greater temporal depth, again with low density so as not to trigger any individual collapse or social breaches.

Let us step lightly. And once we have a denser future projection by fleshing out the future lives of those fated significant, we will then arrive at a time to gather and intensify our attention to action a simultaneous intervention.

And remember, if our following is noticed, redirect and remove ourself immediately before we induce a reflexive cascade. They can not sustain awareness of us if we are not present. Their memories can not contain us, even with vigilant reliving of their garsu records. We are mythical beings to them, angels.