0d Forethought

Purple Braiding; Almanac of the First Princess-Elect, Celeste of Family Adrienne

Forethought by the Venerable Sage Kirsus of the Hazad, Meherim Exarch, Specialist of Sang-Garsu Axim

For those interested in the future-history of this world or indeed any world, the life of Celeste deserves special attention. Her position as one of the first Princess-Elects to the God-Emperor of Urb offers a unique transversal from on-the-ground Gal practices in the Outer Reaches to the current evolution of the Pharohim’s skycity above the Urb capital. Her singular narrative in the Thousand Valleys region has a high temporal valency, and cross-threaded with barab, Ashitlan, Ntora, the outer Rings Adukwe and Beredin, the inner Ring Toloese, and the Imperial Ring of the Pharohim, as well as the latest advances of garsu and jax in all their denominations —  her story weaves a rich tapestry of the politics and culture of this crucial period.

Few in history are placed at the juncture of critical events, and fewer still who are aware of their crucial responsibility. From reviewing this material, it will become clear to followers that Celeste’s awareness can hardly be said to be of the greatest horizon. She is young, the bead of awareness is narrow. Like all of us, Celeste’s life is a result of conscious choices made given her awareness at the time, contrasted with the far greater effect of non-conscious choices which result from the collective decisioning around her. That said, there is sufficient evidence in the sang-garsu threads to support the Soza Precept, that awareness expansion (or contraction) in the face of adversity is the single greatest factor which determines the fittingness of a person to their time. We ardently enthuse exploration of this psocial nexus to extrapolate the underlying generic psycho-social parameters, and encourage sharing of this sang axim in order to invite serious collaborative synthesis.

Three notices.

Records begin with the eighth sang-garsu crystal. The seventh garsu crystal is missing, and the sixth garsu may be perused by the scholar who is particularly interested in examining the development of Celeste’s character before the events relived in this volume. For example, it may appear her life is devoid of childhood friends, which is to a large extent true owing to the strict programme calculated to best execute her office. Friendships with her peers were carefully restricted and personal attachments strictly managed in order to extend her natural emotional concern to her people. We believe that there is sufficient recollection in her mind during the eighth garsu to flesh out her motivations, and we felt that adding previous records would detract from the central thread.

May it also be noted that this braiding has been composed by a third order atarax whose formula has been composed by myself based on the [lengthy disclosure of references are omited]. Discrepencies have been manually altered in order to provide a smoother axim experience. For example, the algorithm of transcription favours experiences which Celeste lived through with increased vitality, though the astute follower may experience discrepencies in style, notably the chapters on her personal love. Acknowledging the official privacy rules around Imperial matters and the ban around material dealing directly with the Pharohim, we have elected to inhibit resolution of these passages of her life. We do not see any political disadvantage to this modification which we see fit to apply; the existant lossless record is available on request to ensure an enhanced psycho-social validation may be made.

Finally, with the recent discovery of Blue Mountain which is undeniably the world’s largest deposit of naturally occuring garsu, access to all unkeyed garsu axim has been granted us. Although we recognise the sacred privacy of individual subjectivities, it is in the spirit of Machus that this thread amongst others is teased from its history. Share responsibly. Our intent is to invite the cross-threading of selected threads to create a social fabric accurate to our volatile times; please refer to Beginnings: First Volume of the End of Civilisation. It is hoped that whatever is relived here may be advantageously reflective to the attendant fellows of the period this is compiled, or as it matches the events of the follower’s own world and time.

May Machus retrospectively bless all who pass this way.

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