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Green Eye Binding, which includes The Frayed Thread; Almanac of Matrich of Bizapul, Former Guard of House Adukwe.

Forethought by the Venerable Sage Kirsus of the Hazad , Meherim Exarch, Specialist of Sang-Garsu Axim

Sang-Garsu injects the natural state of future-orientation into our historical records. No more examining history as a thing already written, but as a current of actions continuously presenting, where the momentuum of past decisions clash with the hope and desires of future states, where the living edge is everywhere a shore in flux. Future-history is a moving coastline of time, where we no longer cling to the fixity of the land, but courageously face the endless churn of the sea with the subjectivities we study.

This thread is presented as a preliminary experiment using the newly delineated re-appropriation of sang-garsu as fortified and upgraded by the discovery of the Blue Mountain garsu deposit. This volume serves to demonstrate the unprecidented level of resolution available remotely: geographically, chronologically and socially. We have chosen Matrich of Bizapul not for any historically critical reason, but for his undistinguished heritage and contribution to human progress. Matrich is a satellite subjectivity around a garsu held by a common magician, and fine details in his mental activity can be discerned and extracted despite the garsu crystal being fixed.

A few notices. The account is not a pure thread, but interweaves accounts from several subjectivities as the Purple Eye Binding. This is partially because of the fixed state of the target crystal (xan) and also the tight cording of four subjectities who live closely together as a social unit. A sang garsu crystal lays down experience continuously at an atomic scale, whereas garsu set for other purposes have an irregular mapping. And though we expect improvement in our techniques in delineating and extracting singular background threads, it is evident that actual psycho-social experience is inherently merged in nature, and not discrete threads as we tend to think of them.

In terms of world events, our subjectivity visits the Valley of the Dead. We hope to show what the area was like before the Orx manifestation. This may also be read as an invitation to ascertain the genesis of the Orx as their presence poses a threat to our current political stability. Further, while we acknowledge the wisdom of the Council of Epituria which prioritises the capture and examination of native Orx, we would hold in equal measure the collective effort in the defragmentation of aberrant atarax, the so called Dark Ledger.

Despite the unique insights which sang-garsu evidently provides, the investigative work of the historian remains. We are still left with the challenge of sifting through the immensity of social fabric available to us, in order to discern exactly the subtle psychological originations of many large scale social effects. We hope this volume may provide interested parties with an overview of current practices and the challenges which face scholars on this exciting frontier of exploration.

May the coming of Machus retrospectively bless all those who pass this way.

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