The principle and practice of Textango is to write something live between two or more people. Being aware of this, the readership accompanies the unfolding of the text as it is being written. The writing and reading experience is — in a vital sense — co-temporal.

The purest form of Textango is live writing with a live audience. The original format is a single page of text about fourteen lines deep. Examples. A longer format book emerged between the experience of writing and reading: Wisdom, A Conversational Tango. The technique of Textango evolved from a purely audio one, Jaxing; examples best listened to with headphones. It is a fledgling medium or genre.

The main purpose behind this Textango site is to propose a project more daring: The Book of Beginnings, The End of Civilisation, presented as narrative Threads and available in print form (see Books in menu). Each of us evaluates the degree of resonance with the text which determines whether we continue as a reader, or deepen our participation as editor, or embark as co-writer. The continuation of any Thread is made financially possible through simultaneous crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding of readers, editors and writers using the Sqale platform.